"Hey Buck… nightmares again?"


"Yeah, can’t seem to get away from
them. Even when I’m awake sometimes”.



"Oh look, I can’t sleep. Again."


"You’re not the only one".



"What’s your point?
And, Natasha. No-
body ever calls me

" My point? My point
  is maybe you’re
 not exactly the
 best person to
 be making
 decisions for others
 Natasha. “

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"This isn’t just about
you. It’s about what’s
best for all of us.”

When did you start
getting to decide
what’s best for
everyone, Natalia?

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blacknataliawidow asked: "What did you say?"




I said 
         ‘Leave me the fuck alone’.
   Do you need me to write it  d o w n ?

She didn’t remember the accident. All Nat remembered was that her head was hurting so bad, and her hand had been clutched around her phone. 

It wasn’t her fault. Another driver had hit her head on. Her car spun three different times before the ditch stopped the entire vehicle. 

"Mmm." Her head was bleeding pretty bad, and her entire body ached. By the way she moved, there were at least three broken ribs and her leg hurt bad as well. 

Was she in the hospital? No, the lack of light that surrounded her vision hinted that. 

As he sped down the road
his anger continued to
course through his veins,
making his heart pound
and his hand tremor ever
so slightly. He was so
distracted he hardly noticed
the traffic ahead, and by the
time he did, he had to slam
on the brakes to keep from
starting a second accident.
He skid out, tires screeching
against the rough pavement
as he ungracefully came to
a stop.
    He cursed, upset
    that his ride had been so
    abruptly interrupted…
    Until he saw a familiar
    license plate sticking up
    out of the ditch he’d
    wandered to in order to get
    a better look at what
                                       ” Oh, god no ”.
                         “Sir you have to step back,
                          we haven’t sectioned off
                          the scene”.
                                      ” That’s my wife’s car.
                                       That’s my wife! ”,

he screamed,
pushing past the officer and
heading down the ditch, sliding
through the mud as he made
his way to the twisted hunk
of metal.

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wrong-business-widow asked: "I've always hated you"

"I know", he said, doing
his best to keep the
emotion out of his voice.
"And you should".

Put “I’ve always hated you” in my inbox for my character’s reaction
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"I suppose you’re right…"


"I didn’t mean to make you doubt yourself. I’m sure you’ll do a great job at being Captain America."
  “I have a place to go. I live in New Jersey, perfectly safe and under the radar. I’m fine.”

"Suppose? We both know damn well there will only ever be one real Captain America, and that’s Steve".

"Jersey? Really? Even in the 40’s the place was a shithole. You sure you don’t wanna stay at my place in the Tower? Or I’ve got a safehouse not too far from here if you’d rather be alone".

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Watching James struggle to recall what happened, seeing the confusion and then the fear set in among his features, caused anxiety in the redhead as well. She had been worried about something like this for so long, but it seemed like it might never happen. She didn’t trust Hydra, not one bit. Her own past with associates of Hydra, including the men that once owned James and used him in the Red Room, was enough to convince her. They’d never truly let him just walk away free.

His question tore at her heart, seeing the strange yet unmistakable mark of desperation in his eyes. “I don’t know,” she answered truthfully. She crossed the distance between them and pushed his hair out of his eyes. “What time were you leaving the Tower. Can you remember?”

He did his best not to flinch away from her touch, he didn’t want to, but it was the inexplicable feeling of disobidience that made him jump before leaning into her. It was almost as if he was just waiting for his handlers to come busting through the door, guns drawn, and tasers charged.

"I-I can’t remember", he said, doing his best to trace the steps that brought him here, frustrated he was stuck on the first one. "I had been… I was at the Tower", he repeated what they both already knew. "I’d just been… I was in the training room. I-I can’t remember if I was sparring or if I was alone".

He tilted his head, glancing back to Natalia, eyes dangerously close to being overwhelmed by tears. “If I don’t know where I went… What I did… What if- What if I hurt someone, Natasha. I-I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore”, he whimpered, his tone almost child-like.

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